Always in my heart, Run Free my friend.
Faxon’s pedigree from the AHI Database

Faxon was the start of my relationship with Jacky Harnett at Tianze Afghan hounds. I had been without an Afghan Hound for a number of years due to emigrating to Australia and subsequently living in rental accommodation. When Anita and I bought a house in Canberra I started looking for the type of Afghan Hound I preferred, the “old fashioned” style. Eventually I was put in touch with Jacky. I waited two years for Faxon but the wait was well worth it.

Faxon was purchased purely as a pet as I wasn’t really interested in showing at that point. Realising that Faxon was going to grow into a big strong boy I enrolled in our local obedience club, little knowing where this would lead us. Initially I just wanted an obedient dog with good manners. As we progressed through the different levels I came to realise that we both enjoyed the time we spent obedience training, it was our special time together. Eventually we reached a point where I had to make a decision about what we wanted to do with obedience. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give trialling a go. The only rule was that we both had to have fun with it.

What I hadn’t counted on was the Afghan Hound sense of humour. Faxon spent a lot of the time we were in the ring trying to get a laugh out of me, the judge or the audience. Our first pass came relatively easy at our second ever trial. The second pass took exactly a year from the first to get and the third took another year. But we did get that Community Companion Dog (CCD) Title.